Confucius is represented by a tablet in the oldest Confucian temple in Tainan, Taiwan

 The following PowerPoint Presentation on Confucianism used in my talks provides a general introduction to Confucianism as a whole.  Since it is a long PDF file with many graphs, it may take one or two minutes to download the file.

     Introduction to Confucianism

 After my talk of Confucianism at the Taiwanese American Senior Society in April 2011, I wrote the article “A New Appreciation of Confucius” published in the Society’s 2011 Journal.   This is not a scholarly article.  It reflects the development of my personal feelings about Confucius and Confucianism.

      A New Appreciation of Confucius

 Like all world religions and philosophies, Confucianism has gone through many periods of challenges and transformations.  The introduction of Buddhism from India to China was one of the major challenges, but the most serious and revolutionary challenge has come from the Western world, with its science, technology, philosophy, democracy, capitalism, and Communism.   One of the most important leaders trying to meet the challenges was Hu Shih (胡適), 1891-1962.  He was in the midst of all the controversies while advocating his own philosophy for the salvation of China.  Hu Shih was one of those who shouted, “Down with the Confucius Shop.”  By understanding him, one can better understand the complex problems that China has faced, even today.  In 1980’s, I was invited to write an article on Hu Shih for a college textbook.  The book was published in 1985 as Chinese Thought: An Introduction, edited by Donald H. Bishop.  I still find the article written about 30 years ago very fascinating and challenging.  The article is provided below.

     Hu Shih

I led a discussion on Hu Shih's thought at the Philosophy Club of the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church in March 2012.  On January 28, 2014, I gave a talk on Hu Shih's philosophy of life at the Taiwanese American Senior Society.  The PowerPoint Presentation that I developed is given below.

     Hu Shih's Philosophy of Life


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